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We’re proud that our law firm offers top-notch legal services at a nationwide affordable pricing! With us you’ll never think that the lawyers are just robbers in suits, besides, we win 98% of all cases. So with us, your chances of winning are as high as they possibly can be!

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Maritime Law

We can help you with any legal issues which you may ever experience in a maritime law field! That’s because we care for people involved in this sphere, as Texas has a lot of marines living here, just as well as a multitude of maritime contractors and businesses flourishing along our coasts and seaports.

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Construction Business Law

Whether you're an employee of a construction company, a sub-contractor or a company that builds houses and develops our Houston habitat, we’re here for you.

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Az Imworld Services 1998 óta nyújtja professzionális szolgáltatásait cégbejegyzés, könyvvitel, adótanácsadás, közjegyzői és bevándorlási tanácsadás terén az Egyesült Államok területén vállalkozó vagy befektető külföldi üzletemberek, vállalatok és társaságok számára.

Our legal

practice areas

Labor & Employment Law

We’ll be glad to deal with any kind of employment litigation issues, such as unlawful termination, wage hack or discrimination of any kind, which you might have…

Real Estate Law

Real Estate law governs the rights and interests in real estate and real property, both commercial and residential, and provides protections for buyers, sellers, land owners, contractors…

Personal Injury

We’re working with personal injuries, which are basically minor wrongful conduct torts, thus being out of the criminal hearings reach. We will become your defenders in any…

Insurance Law

The insurance marketplace has a lot of restrictions and limitations, which the insurance companies oftentimes try to use as the loopholes for getting away with…

Business Litigation

The field of commercially related litigation spans everything, whether your company might be suing others for or be sued by others against.  We will make sure, that all the details…

Mergers & Acquisitions

The commercial world of mergers & acquisitions is a harsh one. You’d just better have a harsh team of professional lawyers so that your business can emerge as a winner…

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